The ALUM – Adriatic Linked University Network – was founded in May 2012 with a specific desired goal which is a full integration among EU and the Balkans region of Europe and a stronger collaboration with the countries situated in the southern shore of the Mediterranean Sea.
It’s a cross country initiative in the field of education, research and cultural linkage, focused on the promotion of an interuniversity cooperation with the special emphasis on the counties belonging to the Eastern Adriatic-Ionian basin. Every possible collaboration strategies will be taken if they can functionally serve to the European development policies of the macro Adriatic-Ionian region.

The ALUm’s mission aims to foster initiatives that help Members to promote development of their countries through better knowledge and expertise, to foster university excellence in education and research, to promote continuous adaptation to educational and societal needs in a creative and innovative way and to aid Members to find and exploit opportunities of cooperation and cross-cultural exchange within the Adriatic-Ionian Region.
The ALUm network is shaped around the generic vision of being the leading and most recognized academic consortium in the Adriatic-Ionian region and is focused on three area of common interest:
• education (international programs, Ph.D., masters, summer school);
• research (according the EU main tracks);
• cooperation (in terms of students and professor exchange, or in participation to panel and conferences).