Starting from pre-existing relations among university members and after a preliminary meeting, the ALUm was established in May 2012. The inaugural meeting took place in Trani where University partners set up the basis for a process of cooperation and development through the signing of a Protocol of Intents.
The founding members are: the University Illyria in Tirana (Albania), Megatrend University of Belgrade (Serbia), the Iliria Royal University in Prishtina (Republic of Kosovo), the Mediterranean University in Podgorica (Montenegro), the University of Rijeka (Croatia), the University of Primorska (Slovenia), the University LUM Jean Monnet (Italy), the South East European University in Tetovo (Macedonia).
It appears clear, nevertheless, that interuniversity cooperation should also be reconsidered by taking into account the opening of the Adriatic-Ionian basin towards the Mediterranean dimension.
Being part of the network means participation in International and EU founded projects, extension of its international network, increased exposure for its institution, access to member university resources, transfer of knowledge through Task Force activities, sharing best practises in teaching, learning and research, support for staff and student mobility through international exchange.